What are ProFx bands?

ProFx bands are designed to maximize performance and improve overall wellness. The ProFx wristbands are made of 100% medical grade silicone, treated with two exclusive charged ProFx discs, embedded with proprietary frequency technology. We are the original developers of the ProFx technology and design and manufacture our own bands. Each disc stores a large amount of readily available information, carefully formulated, to provide the body with the resources it needs for harmony and balance.

What are the benefits of wearing a ProFx band?
Wearing a ProFx wristband may help you to unleash your full potential by increasing your body's natural energy. Our products are designed to help fine-tune your body's natural energy field, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, and harmonizing the electro frequencies of your body and its environment.
Impressive results in helping the body naturally enhance its performance are shown through the use of ProFx bands. Many users report increased balance, flexibility and energy levels. When your body's natural energy is flowing freely you are able to use your body's full potential and perform at your optimal levels.

What is the ProFx technology?
The main component in the ProFx band has been PROVEN to create an ionic charge. These charged frequencies have been known to increase blood flow, and help with a multitude of ailments. These include, but not limited to muscle and joint pain, balance, headaches, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, sleeplessness, problems with focus & concentration, muscle recovery, and MORE!

How does ProFx work?
Like on a computer or music disc, information is stored on the disks of each ProFx band. When the disk is applied to your body or clothing, it enters your body's energy field and the body accesses the frequencies stored on it. Using signal transduction by way of a thermal sync effect, the energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information in stimulating the acupressure points of your body, just as needles would do in acupuncture. In addition, thermal sync also provides temperature variance over and under the disk that creates an energetic effect on the acupressure point. The energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information.
The technology stored in the ProFx wristband's disks may help to regulate your body's energy frequency to an optimal level. This means you may feel better and your body will operate with greater effectiveness.

What is the science behind the ProFx technology?
Your body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument, controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes. Each one of these electro-biological processes vibrate at a specific frequency. When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy and our bodies perform optimally. ProFx technology does just that; it regulates your body's frequency to an ideal level.
Imagine a radio station that is not tuned to the right frequency even if it is one point off it will not sound clear. When the radio is on the right frequency it sounds perfect, clear, and crisp. ProFx bands works in a similar way, by allowing all of your cells to resonate on the same frequency at once. This cellular communication is instant and dramatic. Optimal health and peak performance occur when your body maintains ionic balance (the exchange between negative and positive charges) and free flowing energy pathways at the optimum frequency.
Through years of research, ProFx identified specific frequencies which resonate positively with the body's electrical field. Using advanced laser technology we devised a method to store these frequencies in 3-D inside the ProFx disk.

Is Hydration important?
A critical requirement for ProFx Bands to be effective is proper hydration - drink water. It is especially important for athletes, in particular, to continually consume water, while wearing the bracelets. The only limit to cellular communication is hydration; consequently, by increasing cellular communication in the body by drinking water increases the effect of ProFx bracelets.
Our ProFx bands do not treat or cure any specific disease; they simply may enable the body to function at a higher level of health. When this type of natural healing environment is present, in many cases, the body is able to effectively repair and heal itself in many cases naturally, individual results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as the overall state of health, age, and diet.